mddPack for Poser tutorials

Below is a list of tutorials on using the mddPack for Poser, the target application in these tutorials is Lightwave but any application which can handle mdd files will work in much the same manner

Tutorial Downloads »

24/06/08 Direct Downloads The vast majority of tutorials were exported from quicktime 7+  with the h.264 codec. Please ensure your system is compatible with these before downloading.

Figure to Prop »

07/04/08 Changing a Poser Figure into a Poser Prop so that we can apply the mdd file to the Prop

Taking a Poser Prop into Lightwave »

07/04/08 Importing a Poser figure into Lightwave to use with an mdd file generated by Poser using the mddPack

Lightwave to Poser To Lightwave »

07/04/08 This tutorial demonstrates how to bring an animation from Lightwave into Poser, we then use Posers cloth dynamics on the objects that we brought in and then export the dynamic simulation back out to Lightwave

Bringing an mdd file into Poser »

07/04/08 In this tutorial you are shown how to bring an mdd file created in an external application, in this case Lightwave, into Poser

Strand Hair Export »

24/06/08 Using the Strand Hair exporter to get 2Point Poly chains out of Poser

Vicky4 »

26/06/08 Full screen capture of getting Vicky4 into Lightwave

Vicky3 morphs »

26/06/08 Vicky 3 with animated morphs and movement being transfered into Lightwave

Poser to Blender »

05/07/08 Transfering Poser figure and dynamics into Blender

Experiment - Poly Hair »

05/07/08 Experimetal feature, converting Strand Hair and its mdd file into poly quads. This is just to see what kind of results can be achieved in apps with no native hair renderer. Suggestions for improvement are welcome