Some examples showing what can be achieved by using the scripts available from

Poser mddPack Examples

Poser mddPack »

09/02/08 Examples of  rendering Poser animations in Lightwave 3D

Poser mddPack Hi Def examples »

30/03/08 Some HiDefinition examples of Poser Cloth dynamics brought into Lightwave using the mddPack    

VueExport2 Examples

DomeCity »

26/05/08 This clip shows a split render from lightwave and Vue Infinite. It lets you see how good the match is between the two scenes when using VueExport2. You can use the frame slider to slow down the action. The Vue render has a ground plane and higher ambient light settings but you can still compare the shadows and reflections

Viper Flight »

25/11/08 The Integration possible with VueExport2. This was rendered in Lightwave and Vue Infinite and then comped together Same clip on Vimeo, with audio