Welcome to the VueScripts section. Here you will find information on the scripts available for Vue Infinite and Vue Xstream.

Good News for win64 users, a new build of wxPython has been released by Dave Burdick and Ben Leveau, it is available here.

This installer will detect which version of windows you are running and install the one required, read the ReadMe for instructions.

It will work with Vue6 and Vue7 and Xtreme


PathBuild allows you to create an ecosystem along the path that an object you have animated follows.

It can be used to create roads, railways, lines of trees or monuments or whatever you can imagine would follow a path.

More advanced use allows the building of bridges or supports for your pathed ecosystem



MeshPlanterPlus allows the placing of ecosystem instances on to the vertices of any mesh (native Vue objects need to be baked first)
You can set varied amount options for the scale and rotation of the instances as well as to the normal of the vertex