Poser and Lightwave

2008-06-29 This is specific information for Lightwave users.

If you are using the current beta of 9.5 please do not rely upon importing .obj files within 9.5, it is in constant development at the moment and bugs are a natural consequence of this environment.

If you are using any other version then you need to be aware of a bug in ClothFX`s ability to handle mdd files.

At a certain high Point count of an object clothFX will throw a format error and will not load the mdd file.

You can test this yourself,

use an object with at least 70 000 points in Layout.

scan the motion of this object using ClothFX.

clear the scene, reload the object and attempt to apply the mdd file using clothFX.

good news however is that both the native deformer MD_Plug and the excellent DPkit from Dpont work fine


If you are using sasquatch for hair rendering then the StrandHair exporter in the mddPack will export Posers Strand hair as 2 point poly chains.

If you are participating in the beta then if you use the normal ObjExport from the mddPack you will get poly/plate hair exported.
You can then use this script to convert the plates into curves


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