install instructions

mddPack, latest update 02/09/08

This update allows multiple figure/prop selection for export as one .obj file and mdd file

After downloading and extracting the PsrmddPack zip you will find a Runtime folder within the Poser6 and Poser7 folders, please use the correct one for your Poser version  

now with Poser closed,

copy the runtime onto your Poser runtime, if you have more than one Runtime you need to use the one in the same folder as your Poser.exe , don`t worry this will not replace the contents of your runtime only copy the mddPack and its folders into your main Runtime
copy the mddPack Runtime
and Paste into your Poser folder
the scripts can be accessed from the scripts/MDD menu or by running \Runtime\Python\poserscripts\ScriptsMenu\MDD\MDD_SetScripts.py and using the Window/Python Scripts

Enable the menu option Window/Python Scripts
click on an empty button on the Python Scripts window.
This will open a file dialogue, navigate to the following file
and open it.

This will put the MDD_SetScripts.py onto the button.
Click this button and all of the mddPack scripts will be available from the Python Scripts window.
the mddPack scripts